Apple CarPlay to Go Wireless, Will Support Apps Too

Apple really wants to expand its tech empire. That has been clear with the recent developments and  lot of new products and software upgrades were discussed by Apple earlier this week at a conference. A few months back, there was news about the Apple Car, and we deciphered it was the concept of making a self-driven car, more like what Google has made.

Apple CarPlay, a connected car system that has been developed by the company, is all set to roll out in 2016. But even before that, Apple has decided that its car connect system must go wireless. This was revealed at an Apple event that was held recently. Most of the cars which are manufactured now do not have the capability to support it, but Apple has prepared itself for the future.

But there is a huge drawback. When the car is connected with Apple CarPlay, you cannot manually override the controls. Let’s say, for example, you want to change your AC temperature. You can do it only with the Apple CarPlay settings, and you cannot turn it up or down like you do in a normal car. If you want to do so, then you will have to turn off Apple CarPlay.

Drivers would very well hate this, and Apple knows that too. On the other hand, Google’s Android Auto, another car connect feature, is more flexible. Hence, Apple has decided to encourage automakers to develop their own apps for the Apple CarPlay. Since those apps will be custom tailored according to the manufacturer and the model, the vehicle will be completely connected to the system, thereby providing a hassle free experience.

The big players of the automobile world like Chevrolet, Hyundai and Mitsubishi are already planning to include Apple CarPlay or Android Auto in their cars. A few carmakers have already begun developing Android apps as well.

With iOS 9, Apple CarPlay will become more influential. At least that’s what Apple thinks. There will be Siri Integration too. Google, on the other hand, is confident of winning the automobile world as well. While the race continues, we, at The Wheels and Chips Journal, would like our cars to be free of both. “Long live the manual!” is what we would love to chant forever!

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