This Real Life GTA Video Will Make You Go Bonkers!

We have always wanted to do what we want in this wicked awesome world of ours. Speaking of “We”, we are referring to our fellow gamers! It is man’s ultimate desire to live like a GTA character, but in reality, it is not that easy. No wonder GTA V is an amazing game and is one of the top 4 of the bestseller list.

GTA V doesn’t require an introduction. The crazy world of Los Santos is a brilliant parody of real life and being made at an astronomical budget of 200+ million, GTA 5 had an investment which only a few Hollywood directors even dared to make. It might get you wondering if someone would make a Real Life GTA Video.

Well, we have come across something like that, which was made by Corridor Digital. These guys have shot a Real Life GTA video and they have executed the concept beautifully. It has brilliant writing as well as amazing visuals. A similar concept was attempted by Indian Students in a college campus a few months back.

The story of the Real Life GTA video follows our hero as he is asked to do a drug tradeoff and execute a gang killing. These are shot beautifully and they re-create the effect of the in-game camera, while the acting is also spot on. Don’t miss to note even the walking style of the character. Such precision!

These guys would be a killer production crew at Vinewood. We say that because they shot all this using a GoPro nimble and a correctly produced accurate game shots, at a reduced budget! According to their Patreon page, they are the experts of producing high-quality video using a low budget. So check this epic Real Life GTA video out. We swear it’ll blow your minds, especially if you are GTA fan.

This is how they made it.

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