PES 2016 Trailer Released at E3

One of the most expected tech events of the year, E3, went live yesterday and as expected, several game trailers were launched. The first of which we are covering is the PES 2016 trailer. The PES franchise is one of the best football games on the market, rivaled only by the FIFA series made by EA. Even though it is only considered as an AA title, the quality as good its AAA title rival FIFA.

With PES 2016, the franchise completes 20 years in the business of making football games. Konami has delivered a promising game with the PES 2016, with the initial FIFA 16 trailer featuring women’s national teams shot down by fans.The trailer showed how much they have improved a few existing features for the PES 2016 edition.

Master League has been revamped for the 16th edition, which gives you more info about your players in your squad and you can track their developments, how well they play, and fit in your side.

Europe’s biggest tournament, the UEFA Champions League is exclusive only to the PES franchise, and even though FIFA has something similar, nothing beats listening to the champions league anthem in game.

The gameplay mechanics have been improved for the game with Konami saying that they’ve added three times more animation compared to previous titles and you get added visuals along with a new feature called dynamic weather, which we think will bring the weather elements and change your gameplay experience according to the weather you are playing in.

The next big feature getting an update is the ‘myClub’ feature which is PES’ equivalent of the ultimate team available in FIFA. The new features seen available for the myClub game mode are the player level systems.This is a brand new feature for myClub where u see players growth from lvl1 to lvl30. This kind of a system is one of a kind for the football game scene in general. On the whole, PES 2016 seems promising and could outdo the FIFA franchise this year. The Wheels and Chips Journal will cover hot stuff from E3 and we shall bring you the latest as it happens.

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