Range Rover Driven with a Smartphone App

In an amazing video that was uploaded to YouTube, a Range Rover driven with a smartphone app was showcased. Literally. You could just control it like you would control a remote control car. Labelled as ‘Land Rover Autonomous Car Technology’, the video is quite amazing.

The user just uses a smartphone app which has a virtual steering, and other options in it. The car can be maneuvered with the app easily, with just a touch. A similar video showcasing the BMW i10 coming out of the garage was released some time back.

If you are wondering why a Range Rover driven with a smartphone app is necessary, there are a lot of reasons. Though the video says “autonomous”, we would not say that it is completely autonomous technology. The Range Rover driven with a smartphone app is semi-autonomous, since it takes controls only from the owner.

Autonomous cars are dangerous, and as much as we know, it is not good to let a car run loosely on the road. But technology like this is completely different, and it could help in many cases. Consider you are driving your Range Rover in difficult terrain, you can walk to a safe point and summon the vehicle to you using the app.

The Range Rover driven with a smartphone app is just a demonstration of the technology, and the prototype is believed to be tested in the UK. However, there is no need to be worried, since the speed limitations and other constraints are put into effect when it is controlled by the app.

It will not travel faster than 4 mph when driven by the app, and there are other features too. There is not much light on this technology, and we are not sure if it would be used in production cars, but we see no reason why Range Rover would just keep it a concept.

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