Star Wars Games Unveiled at E3 2015

2015 is a big year for Star Wars fans. We mentioned this earlier in our article on the top expected games at E3 2015. At the EA press conference,  they delivered the goods and gave us what we wanted. Star Wars fans have a lot to hope for. Here are the Star Wars games unveiled at E3 this year.They will be available across PC, console and mobile.

Star Wars: Knights of the Fallen Empire

The original Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic came out in 2003. It has been a long time since the game came out. EA has announced that the old game  is getting a reboot by Bioware Studios. According to the guys at EA, the Knights of the Fallen Empire will feature a Bioware style story, which has got us waiting for this game. Bioware is renowned for epic storylines, like the Mass Effect Franchise.

On Monday, EA showed the first look for the Knights of the fallen empire. According to the website, this chapter 1 in a 9 part series! So this second outing for knights of the Old Republic has hope. This is one of the Star Wars games that are on the way.