Shenmue 3 Opts Crowdfunding, Teaser Trailer Launched

Sony’s E3 press conference had a lot of pleasant surprises that delighted us. One of these surprises was the announcement of Shenmue 3. Shenmue 1&2 were smash hit games and were considered cult classics. Shenmue 3 was a long-awaited sequel and was actually one of the most requested games by fans.

Shenmue was an open world RPG title that made fans go crazy for the game. The game is made by Dreamcast and has a true master at its helm captaining the ship, Yu Suzuki. He came in person to announce Shenmue 3 and showed a gameplay teaser trailer, but here’s where Shenmue 3 throws a curveball.

Shenmue has launched a Kickstarter page. Yes, Shenmue 3 is being crowdfunded! Yu Suzuki appeared in E3 and asked the fans to support the Shenmue franchise via Kickstarter. They put out a modest 2 million as the target. Shenmue 1 was made at a budget of 70 million in 1999, and in 2015 they need only 2 million for the Shenmue 3,  apparently.

This could be a stunt to check if fans would like to fund games from their favorite game developers or if it was just a promotion for Kickstarter. According to the Kickstarter page, Yu Suzuki said that they used Kickstarter because he wanted to make Shenmue 3 for the fans and with their backing.

Anyhow, the Shenmue 3Kickstarter campaign set a world record for the fastest game to collect $1 million, it reportedly collected this sum in one hour and 10 minutes! As of now, Shenmue 3 has collected $3 million and is backed by some 42,384 people.

Here is the teaser trailer of the game.

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