Need For Speed 2015 Trailer Launched And It Looks Amazing

The NFS franchise has been a fan favorite racing game since it first dropped 21 years ago. Yes, the NFS franchise is 21 years old! Remember when you played the first NFS game? At the EA press conference at E3 2015, the trailer for the Need For Speed 2015 game was released.

Need For Speed 2015 is made using EA’s Frostbite Engine, the same engine used by Battlefield and the latest Star Wars: Battlefront game. Ghost Games said that it wanted to blur the lines between reality and the game. It showed the gameplay footage of the Need For Speed 2015 game, probably recorded from a PS4 or an Xbox One. The visuals are stunning. The game has cutscenes recorded with real actors and not like the pseudo-real cutscenes that NFS is famous for (NFS Most Wanted 2005).

Another talked about feature is the customization options available in Need For Speed 2015. By customization, we mean both visual and performance. NFS reduced customization after its Most Wanted (Part 1) game, and many fans did not like it (including us). Bringing that back into the Need For Speed 2015 game will be very much welcomed.

The firm supposedly got in resources from everyone who worked on all classic NFS titles and they have revamped the physics system of the game for handling. The combined knowledge of previous titles combined into one title for the 2015 edition sure raises expectations for the game.

We cannot wait to get our hands on this recent NFS title. It is launching worldwide on Nov 3rd of this year.

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