The Lexus Hoverboard Is Here!

Yes, it is finally here. The gadget that you loved in Subway Surfers has now become a reality. Hold your hands together for… the Lexus Hoverboard. A new video is surfacing the internet, and a lot of people all over the world are going head over heels  on seeing the Lexus Hoverboard.

According to Lexus, this is not anything involving graphics. The Lexus Hoverboard is real, and if you are compelled to believe it is fake, you will have to believe it. This is supposed to be the working prototype of the Lexus Hoverboard and it looks really awesome. There are many things included in this amazing invention, but at the moment, we cannot update you on the details.

The Lexus Hoverboard is powered using magnetic levitation, coupled with liquid nitrogen cooled superconductors and a permanent magnet. This something similar to the Maglev trains, except that the Lexus Hoverboard does not require a track, but will work on special metallic surfaces only (Do not be fooled by the surface in the video).

Personal Transportation devices like the OneWheel were showcased at CES 2015, and we knew that more of these are coming. But this one was unexpected. The Lexus Hoverboard will be a great revolution when it comes to personal transportation, and it would definitely be costly too.

Lexus Hoverboard Side view

Lexus Hoverboard top view

We are not sure when this is coming out, but it seems that we could witness it soon. It is believed that the Lexus Hoverboard is in its final stage of testing, and the prototype will be showcased soon. Stay with us for more.

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