Bike and Truck Head-On Collision – Did He Survive?

Jesse Lopez wanted to take his bike out for a ride in  on April 1, 2015 (really a bad, bad choice). But thanks to him for wearing the GoPro kit, he came up with a good lesson for all the motorcyclists out there.  Next time when you go for a bike ride, please remember to wear one.  We never want you to meet with an accident, but in case someone else on the road hits you, it might prove to be some solid proof.

This could have been Lopez’s last ride, but luckily he was saved from the bike and truck head-on collision. When Jesse was riding in California on a winding mountain road, he hit a fire truck from a blind curve. Of course, if you see the replays you can very well see that the collision could be avoided, but our man panicked and lost control. This caused him to hit the truck head on and take multiple rollovers before he fell down.

Winding mountain roads are one of the best places for bikers to have fun with their bikes, but they are also the most dangerous. If you see the video, you will understand that the accident could have been avoided if Jesse was slow. It also seems that he did not horn before blind curves. That was the result of the bike and truck head-on collision.

Jesse wants all bikers to learn a lesson from this bike and truck head-on collision, and we hope you learned yours.

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