The eTree Could Be a Solution to Public Energy

Imagine yourself walking down a street and you hear that unmistakable beep from your phone, which makes you cringe and say “Dang! I forgot to charge my phone”. No worries, here comes the eTree to the rescue.

The eTree is an innovative project from Sologic Renewable Energy Systems, founded by Michael Lasry, an Israeli Entrepreneur. The eTree, just like how it sounds, is a tree-like structure with solar panels on the branches instead of leaves. Thus, it becomes an independent unit that produces green energy and gives a variety of services including a place of comfort.

It was successfully launched in October 2014 in the sustainability garden at Ramat Handiv, Israel. This prototype eTree won broad media interest locally and abroad. The friendly neighborhood tree provides a shaded recreational area with branches for your friends and family.

Phone battery low on charge? Simply connect it to the docking station and charge your smart phones and tablets. Parched? There is a provision for cool drinking water. There is even a water trough for animals. Too dark outside? The eTree has night illumination using LED lamps. Even if all these do not attract you, surely the notion of a free WiFi service will.

This ultra cool tree also has an LCD screen which provides information such as the amount of electricity generated by the tree. According to Sologic, the eTree is safe and accessible. They claim that it is radiation-free, immune from electrocution and meets stringent safety standards.

The main advantage of this innovation is that it can be placed anywhere, be it residential areas, in urban areas, country areas, schools, parks and even along hiking trails. An eTree can also be placed in cultural institutions as an icon and a symbol of community, environment and green education.

Such is the appeal of this innovation that, the eTree has been selected among hundreds of candidates to plant the eTree in Paris on the next international climate change summit COP 21 in August.

It is hard not to imagine a scenario in the not-so-distant future, where you might get a text message from your friend asking to meet up under the eTree close by your house. We wish it could pump clean fresh oxygen into the atmosphere too! Got any better ideas for a cool hangout spot?

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