Fans Injured in Epic Airborne Nascar Crash

No matter how big an automobile buff you are, never ever get to the front row in the stands, especially during high-speed races. You do not know when a race car driver will lose control and hit you. That is what happened during this airborne Nascar crash which took place a little later around 2 AM in Daytona this morning.

The racing event got a bit delayed and we guess the drivers got a but furious. As usual, rain played the spoiler. Nascar races are one of the most fastest Motorsports and it is a great international event too. With that being said, those cars are made to be light and fast, and there are a lot of chances that they could go airborne anytime. A slight touch by an opponent is more than enough.

This airborne Nascar crash took place between Austin Dillion and an opponent, but then it turned into a mayhem. Luckily, the drivers escaped, and no one lost their lives in the accident. A similar airborne Nascar crash took place in 2013 as well. That time, Kyle Larson crashed his car.

About a dozen fans were injured in this airborne Nascar crash and they were treated. Some of them declined treatment too. However, Daytona said that its fences prevented furthermore damage to the fans. Daytona will also work on strengthening the fence before the next event takes place.

Here is the footage of the airborne Nascar crash.