The Bolt M-1 Can Be Started With Your Smartphone

A new startup in San Francisco, California, has come with an electric motorbike. Dubbed as the Bolt M-1, this motorbike is powered by Lithium ion batteries, the same technology that is used by Tesla Motors.  Though there might be many other smart bikes coming around, this one is the first of its kind that actually looks like a motorcycle; a moped, to be precise.

But apart from its looks, the Bolt M-1 has a lot of other new features. It is keyless, and that is a feature which is present in most automobiles today. But the Bolt M-1 is completely keyless such that you will just need to enter a unique ‘passcode’ or the manufacturer’s smartphone app. Once it is right, you can ride along.

In case someone steals your Bolt M-1, your smartphone app can help in locating it. It also comes with a USB port that allows you to charge your phone on the go. This is the first product from ‘Bolt’, but we expect that they could make a few more models, if the Bolt M-1 is successful.

The Bolt M-1 comes in 2 modes, economy and sport mode. However, the sport mode will be activated  only if you have enough battery power. On economy mode, the Bolt M-1 will reach a maximum speed of 20 mph and on sport mode, it will reach 40 mph.

Parents will love to get the Bolt M-1 for their teens, since they can set the maximum speed of their kids’ bikes using their smartphone app. When in economy mode, the Bolt M-1 can run for a range of 50 miles on a single charge, while the range for the sport mode would be 35 miles. It takes 90 minutes to completely charge a battery. You can even charge the battery separately.

The most amazing part is that the Bolt M-1 is considered to be a bicycle, and you do not need a license to ride it. This is specifically aimed at school-going teens. You can also lock it up in a bike stand or even ride it in the bicycle lane (now that’s amazing).

The only thing that is a ‘minus’ for the bolt is its $5000 price tag. But for all the features that it has, we guess it could be a hit. The Bolt M-1 could also do better if it gets a visual makeover.

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