10 Things You Can Find Only On Indian Roads

A Road is the best places of expression and creativity for the rider and it is his canvas. Art varies with country to country and region to region. Indians have a unique taste in art, we should say! So here are the 10 things you can find only on Indian roads.

1. Traffic in Both Ways on a One-way Road

Normally one would expect traffic only on one direction of the road if it were a one-way road, but not in India. People don’t care about the one-way roads, and they just want to make it to their destination as fast as they can and by any means necessary. So obviously, that includes going in the wrong direction on a one-way road. One way to heaven, I believe. This is the first one on the list of the 10 things you can find only on Indian roads.

2. Nor the Helmet, Nay the Helmet, Nof the Helmet

Of late, helmets have been made a must for every two-wheeler rider and optional for the person riding in the pillion. But before that did people care for their safety? No! Even now after it’s been made mandatory, you can still find helmets travelling on the mirror or on the tank of the vehicle or being held by the person riding pillion. Well in India, presentation of oneself is stressed as an important quality that should be there in a good person. Helmets ruin hairstyle, but hairstyle is more important than the head.

3. Zero Lane Discipline

All roads are split up into lanes but the common Indian does not know this. You ask him what are those lines that are on the roads and he’ll tell you those are part of road design and they are there because the painter had extra paint on his hands. Lane discipline is something that is followed in the western countries very strictly, here you find cars, bikes and tuk tuk’s criss-crossing across the tarmac as if they are jostling for the pole position. This is one of the terrible 10 things you can find only on Indian roads.

4. Signal Impatience and Jumping

We all hate waiting at signals and hate seeing a countdown timer. Yes, we have countdown timers at signals as if it’s the start of a race. What’s worse is people waiting until the timer counts down to 3 and they start racing away from the signal, because false starts are what give you the edge of reaching office on time. The other problem is signal jumping since we don’t use high-tech licence plate reading cameras that catch signal jumpers or speeders. Hence when the road is empty, why wait at a signal? Better race across before anyone sees you, because waiting at signals is for pansies!

5. Speed Limits are for Newbies

One of the perks we love about the 10 things you can find only on Indian roads. People on the west know what a speed limit marker means, but here in India, it’s just another billboard at the side of the road. As mentioned earlier, we don’t have cameras that catch speeders, well some cops do have some version of a speed sensing camera but that’s only used on special occasions like New Year’s  Day or Christmas. Everyone clearly has their own speed limit they willingly exceed it.

6. Easily Bribable Cops

The cops in our country who are paid monthly by the government aren’t satisfied with the pay they get. Instead, they turn to the common man for additional pocket linings. They find stupid reasons and ask for a bribe and suppose you have all the documents in proper order, they just outrightly ask for some cash and only then let you go. One of the frustrating 10 things you can find only on Indian roads.

7. Easily Attainable Licence

Every person needs a licence to drive on the open tarmac. In other countries, there are so many things that a person requires to get their licence – like a written test and then a driven test. Here in India, all you need is a driving test. For a 2 wheeler, all you need to do is a figure of 8 on a piece of flat ground without keeping your foot on the ground, and for a 4 wheeler, all you need to do is drive your car in all 4 gears if the officer has patience. If not, one or two gears suffice, because if you shift gears, that qualifies as a good driver!

8. Pedestrians Hate Motorists

Pedestrians  and motorists have had a love-hate relationship since the test of time, but in India you can see the ultimate showdown take place. On the streets you can see pedestrians everywhere running across the road whenever they please, not caring about when a motorist is coming and then when something happens, they blame the motorist for their misfortune. A huge fight ensues, which ends up in congested roads and traffic jams.

9. Every Road is an Off-Road Adventure

In India, helmets and seatbelts are compulsory, but repairing and maintaining roads is not a must, according to the government. There will be potholes everywhere, and some of them might have a crocodile in them too. To be a motorist, you will quite have to learn the skill of off-roading, even if you drive a Maruti 800. That is why India has the most talented drivers in the world.

10. Watch Out For Speed Breakers!

Speed breakers on Indian roads are a surprise waiting for you. They lay there, disguised as part of the roads, unpainted, and  there would not even be a sign anywhere. The worst part on this list of the 10 things you can find only on Indian roads is that these speed breakers are huge, and some of them might even make you go for some big air, if you do not notice them when you are driving fast.

It is very easy to meet with an accident here and these 10 things you can find only on Indian roads  prove it. The road is a dangerous place, especially in India. So be safe, and drive safe.