This Motorcycle Gangnam Style Stunt is Epic!

We are quite familiar with  YouTube superstar PSY’s video of ‘Gangnam Style’, which holds the record for the most ever viewed video in YouTube’s history. However, most of us would not have watched this Motorcycle Gangnam Style video. We came across it and thought that it was pretty awesome.

This stunt rider was so impressed with PSY that he decided to do the Motorcycle Gangnam Style. Dancing is difficult. Performing freestyle stunts on a motorcycle is even more difficult. But in the Motorcycle Gangnam Style video, the stunt rider did both simultaneously.

The Motorcycle Gangnam Style stunt almost replicates the original dance, and the rider also pulled off 90% of the dance moves. We even wondered if it was PSY on the motorcycle. This Motorcycle Gangnam Style video also has a lot of views, so it is worth watching.

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