Cortana Beta for Android Leaked

Now there is a Cortana Beta for Android too! Microsoft has already publicly stated about its plans of bringing Cortana (we still can’t get over how cool this name is) to the Android and iOS ecosystem. Although Microsoft never mentioned the exact timeline about the availability of Cortana, it had stated that a Beta version of the software will be available for testing purposes soon to limited users in China and the US.

Initially, it was speculated that Microsoft would launch a Beta program that would require a Sign-up, but recently an APK file of the Cortana Beta for Android got leaked. Now, this changes everything since Android is open source and any user can make the best out of the Cortana Beta for Android, immaterial of whether he is from the US, China, India or any other region.

You could be surprised about Cortana Beta for Android. Microsoft’s move about bringing its unique Windows-based personal assistant to all devices might confuse some, but to others, its intentions appear very clear. Microsoft is aiming at an overall integration of its Windows 10 desktop OS with almost everything (every mobile platform) and for that to happen, there should be a cloud based application available on every platform that should be able to share its notifications with the Windows 10 notification center.

This is where Cortana comes in and this is one of the main reasons why Microsoft wants Cortana to be available across different platforms. Cortana Beta for Android will in an indirect way influence the user’s decision to drift towards the Windows 10, since it will offer a complete integration between the mobile device and the PC (Yes, as cynical as it might sound, we still love the idea of having connected devices).

Cortana for Android Beta

Cortana Beta for Android will not be equipped with all the features that Cortana offers on the Windows platform, but it will still offer noteworthy features such as the ability to set reminders, calendar events, search for nearby places to eat and drink, ask questions, perform searches, etc.

Have you tried the Cortana Beta for Android already? Let us know what you feel about the Beta version of Microsoft’s digital assistant in the comments section down below.

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