Top 5 Game Ideas that started Out as Mods

The modding community is really huge in the gaming world. They have a love-hate relationship with the game devs community. But most people in the gaming world do not know this. There are many game ideas that started out as mods. In this article, we will cover a few.

Modding has added so many features to games that have made the game developers notice it and add it as an in-game feature in their next title. The most famous mods might be from GTA and other games as such, but we will not be focusing much on them here. Gamers and developers  love mods, but  some hate them too.

However, mods have been doing great in the gaming world and we love them sure. Most gamers who are looking out for something different might love mods too, and we are quite sure about that. Here are a few game ideas that started out as mods.

1. Base Building – Fallout 4

Game Ideas That Started Out as Mods - Fallout 4 Base building

You are in a nuclear wasteland, fending for your life from various other savage beings that want your life for some reason. The solution: build a base. Of course, you can’t be on the run 24 x 7 since you need rest. This is a new feature in the recently announced Fallout game but what you don’t know was one of the game ideas that started out as mods. This mod was called Wasteland Defense in Fallout 3 where you can create free form bases and hire guards to protect you from the savage beings that need your base for reasons unknown.

2. Multiple Tethers – Just Cause 3

Game Ideas That Stared Out as Mods - Just Cause 3 Multiple Tether

Just Cause 2 had an option of tethering one thing to another thing to see what would happen, but this was restricted to only one tether, unfortunately. Hence came the birth of the BOLO patch for JC2, another one of those game ideas that started out as mods. One of the features in the BOLO patch is multiple tethering, like a poor soldier to a rocket or a whole bunch of them to a moving helicopter. This feature was so insanely awesome that the game developers decided to add multiple tethering to Just Cause 3 and added a bonus feature of manual retraction of the tethers. This is an absolute genius feature for the game and should promise a lot of fun.

3. Hardcore Mode – Fallout  New Vegas

Game Ideas That Started Out as Mods - Fallout New Vegas HardCore Mode

Imagine staying in a nuclear wasteland and fighting off a lot of degenerates affected by radiation. You are combating several diseases as well, but for some people, that is child’s play and they look for a better challenge in the game. The wanderer’s edition mod in Fallout 3 was another one of those game ideas that started out as mods and Bethesda liked the idea so much that they added it in Fallout New Vegas. Not to mention the hardcore mode. More badass monsters sent to kill you and you need to sleep in regular intervals. If not, you’ll die of dehydration.

4. Counter-Strike

Game Ideas That Started Out as Mods - Counter Strike

This is one of the best game ideas that started out as mods. Did you know CS started out as a mod for Half-Life. The Counter-Strike mod was made by Minh Lee and Jess Cliffe and on June 19, 1999 and the first beta version of the game was released as freeware. Soon, the producer of Half Life Valve recognized the potential of the game, acquired its rights and released it as a stand-alone title. Soon, CS became a major game and now, even after a heck of a long time, the original CS is still one of the most played games.

5. Cold Stream DLC for L4D2

Game Ideas That Started Out as Mods - Cold Stream DLC for L4D2

The cold stream DLC for the L4D2 game was actually a fan made campaign. This is also one of the best game ideas that started out as mods. It is a 4-stage campaign with it climaxing in a massive gauntlet run. The cold stream campaign was designed by Mathew Lauderlay. Valve liked the campaign made by Mathew, and made it into an official DLC for the game on the Xbox Marketplace and released it as an update for the PC version of the game. Here is where being a modder can help get you a job in the gaming industry. Our good friend Matt went on to work in the smash hit Dishonored and is working on a sandbox builder MMO game. Way to go, Matthew!

So those are our picks for the top 5 game ideas that started out as mods. Sound off in the comments section below on any we may have missed out or which  one is your favorite!

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