Nokia Virtual Reality Headset Coming Soon

Nokia is ‘NOW HERE’ to take back its lost pride with the new Nokia Virtual Reality headset. Nokia Technologies sent out invites for the launch of a new Virtual Reality product in Los Angeles on July 28. The invite for the launch of the Nokia Virtual Reality headset has the words ‘NOWHERE’ and ‘NOW HERE’ in the image body with a cropped image of a VR headset.

We are excited to see the Nokia Virtual Reality headset, but Nokia is not the only company to have a VR product, as companies such as Microsoft, Sony, Samsung, HTC, Lenovo, and Facebook are also working on VR based devices and technologies. Nokia is also reportedly looking for a deal with top companies to re-enter the smartphone business.

It is a known fact that Nokia sold its mobile business to Microsoft in 2013, which will restrict Nokia from re-entering into the smartphone sector till 2016. Microsoft is also working on its own products like the Nokia virtual reality headset, which could get it a place in the gaming industry.

The Nokia virtual reality headset may be more of a rival to Samsung’s VR than console and PC add-ons like the Oculus Rift, PlayStation Morpheus and Valve Vive VR.

This surely is a bold move by Nokia to take its place in the Virtual reality platform. Nokia fans (including us) are waiting!

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