A Nokia Virtual Reality Camera Has Been Revealed

A Nokia virtual reality camera is under development, according to a few trusted sources. A few days back, we wrote about the Nokia virtual reality headset, and we expected another VR product from the Finnish telecom firm. Nokia is planning to make it big in the VR World for sure.

The Nokia virtual reality camera is nicknamed ‘Ozo’, and it is a 360 degree camera. Nokia is already an excellent manufacturer of smartphone cameras, and  we have no doubt that the Ozo will be an awesome product. But what is more amazing is that it can even capture 3D audio.

The Nokia virtual reality camera was unveiled in Los Angeles, at an event. It is good enough to make films, and Nokia is targeting Hollywood, rather than normal customers. This gives us a clue that the Ozo will not be easy to buy at a normal price.

According to the firm, the Nokia virtual reality camera is expected to go on sale before the end of 2015, but other details have not been released yet. Cameras like this are not new to tech experts since companies like GoPro, Spherical, Giprotic and Jaunt are already in the business.

“It removes the need to pre-assemble a panoramic image – a time-consuming process with solutions currently in the marketplace,” Nokia said.

The Nokia virtual reality camera also reveiced more appreciation for its sound rendering than its other features.

“I found myself constantly looking around in each clip, because the sound seemed to track my position,” Casey Newton, The Verge.

Nokia also mentioned that Jaunt will support the company in this venture. The Nokia Virtual Reality Camera could turn VR into a great business for Nokia if it is successful, but the only drawback is that Nokia is a bit late.

Nokia Virtual Reality Camera can record 3D sound

After the  Nokia – Microsoft deal, the telecom firm suffered a huge backlash. However, Nokia is planning to concentrate more in the communication sector, and its 15.6 Billion Euro acquisition of Alcatel-Lucent has been approved.

VR cameras are surely the next generation film-making devices, and it is  good that Nokia is giving a shot at it. But will it take over the VR world? That – only time can tell!

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