Nokia HERE Sold To European Car Manufacturers For $3.07 Billion

Rumors that Nokia HERE (Nokia’s Maps Software) was planned to be sold to a few car makers have become a reality. While the American manufacturers decided to stay loyal to Google, Europeans bought HERE for $3.07 Billion. But we love Nokia HERE more when compared to Google Maps. HERE is more accurate, it works seamlessly offline, and it also warns you when you reach the speed limit.

Nokia HERE will be sold to Audi AG, BMW Group and Daimler AG (Mercedes), and the deal will be completed in the first quarter of 2016. Ever since the deal with Microsoft was signed, Nokia was always looking out for a chance to sell its HERE Maps business.

Details about the deal have not been revealed yet, but they will unfold as time follows. Nokia has indeed made some clever moves in the past few months. The Finnish company completed the Alcatel-Lucent deal. It then made some waves in the Virtual Reality world.

Nokia Here Deal Signed

The selling of HERE slightly indicates that Nokia is not very interested in smartphones.  But who knows, this company is so unpredictable, and that makes us like it even more!

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