iPhone Survived a 9300 Foot Fall in Texas

Believe it not (we really cannot), an iPhone survived a 9300 foot fall in Texas. Mostly, smartphones are known to be sophisticated pieces of technology and cannot bear the brunt of a single  drop, even from a few feet. But this smartphone, even after falling 9300 feet from a Beechcraft Bonanza airplane, was working perfectly fine. The iPhone also provided its location and was  able to send and receive calls.

The incident happened on Monday afternoon in the Texas region, U.S.A. when the owner of Gas Corp. of America, Mr. Wilson and his pilot Will Warnock were returning back from Houston to Kickapoo Airport. A sudden change in the pressure caused the passenger side door latch to open by 3 inches.

Mr. Wilson said, “The pressure popped and a newspaper flew out but I didn’t see the phone go. After we got back I looked for it on the floor (of the plane) and in my briefcase but couldn’t find it. I met Ben at the airport and we checked for the phone, even wondered if it might have been left in a rental car.”

“We used his Find My iPhone app and learned it was still alive. Later I checked the iCloud and could see it was outside of Joplin (Texas).” said John Kidwell, Gas Corp.’s vice president of sales.

iPhone Survived a 9300 foot fall - Donkey helps to find

We believe that Kidwell was not really kidding. They started their journey towards the smartphone’s location on Tuesday with the help of a satellite image,  a local map, and a friendly  donkey who joined them during the search. Eventually, they found the phone.

“It was by the side of the road south of Jacksboro, under a mesquite tree. The donkey pointed out where it was.” said Wilson.

The donkey got gingersnaps as a reward. The iPhone survived a 9300 foot fall, and it was also in one piece with a little scratch on the corners. Mr. Wilson was  also very happy about the durable Mophie battery charger case which proved to be the savior.

Jako rakhe saiyan maar sake na koi– This Hindi Idiom which has been used for human beings can now be  said for smartphones too. It rightly claims the tag for the above idiom which means that If God wants to save somebody, then nobody can kill him (destroy it- in this smartphone’s context ).

Truly, it is a miracle that a smartphone survives a 9300-foot fall. What’s your say? Is it a miracle or a luck by chance?

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