Motorcycle Surfer Robbie Maddison Rides the Waves in Style

A motorcycle surfer was seen riding the waves in style in Tahiti, a few days back. Robbie Maddison, a stunt rider from Australia wanted to live his ‘Pipe Dream’ of becoming a motorcycle surfer.   Fondly known as Maddo, this daredevil had been trying to accomplish this for two years.

The motorcycle surfer appeared in a promo for DC shoes. It is a known fact that these people make awesome promos, which also involved the famous Ken Block, drifting in style in a few of their videos. After this video was released on the internet, many people wondered if it could be really accomplished.

We figured out that it could be done, since Maddo used  a specially modified motocross bike to accomplish the feat. The video has already hit 10,649,155 views and counting, and that is some serious viral stuff for 2 days.

Motorcycle Surfer Rides The Waves - Literally!

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