A Foot Powered Washing Machine – The Drumi

Drumi is a foot powered washing machine which works without electricity to wash and spin-dry up to seven items at a time. It is no technologically advanced fancy product, but an essential product that makes the simple household appliance even more efficient, effective and economical.

The foot powered washing machine was created by YiREGO, a Toronto-based household design company, which focuses on sustainability. The team aims to create ethical and environmentally friendly products that enable users to reduce their carbon footprint while doing everyday domestic tasks.

The company that makes the foot powered washing machine says that it uses 80 percent less water and detergent than a typical washing machine. Each load requires 10 liters of water – five liters for a wash cycle and then another five liters for the rinse. The total wash time is only about 6 minutes, with a wash cycle taking up to three minutes, depending on how many items you place in it, a rinse cycle, only taking two minutes and then one additional minute for spinning out excess water.

To give an idea, a standard washer uses 27 gallons (about 102 liters) of water per load, while an Energy Star model uses 14 gallons (about 53 liters). Using the foot powered washing machine as a secondary washer can reduce your carbon footprint by roughly 10 pounds a week, according to Yirego.

The foot powered washing machine is available for pre-order for just $169, when Yirego will be launching a crowdfunding campaign to manufacture the units. The Drumi is available for anyone in Canada and the U.S. We hope they come up with a larger-sized unit too.

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