Google Now Vs Cortana Vs Siri

Ever wondered if there could be a face-off between the 3 famous personal assistants? Google Now Vs Cortana Vs Siri is something most tech lovers would love to witness. We wanted to do a video on this, but sadly, we were not able to get an Apple device.

Hence, we decided to collect some videos from YouTube, so that we could give our readers an idea of how Google Now Vs Cortana Vs Siri looks like. Some of the questions asked here are really funny, some of them are intellectual.

However, we would also love to test it out with the new Cortana. Thanks to Microsoft, the new Cortana is not yet available in India, and we are eagerly waiting for it. But these videos are sure to give you the thrills.  Watch them and enjoy.

 Which is the winner? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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