Meet LG Rolly, the First Full-Size Solid Rollable Keyboard

IFA 2015 is on fire, and so are the tech companies. One of the products which will be launched at the IFA 2015 is the LG Rolly, which is the world’s first solid rollable keyboard. Yes, there are a lot of other rollable keyboards, but they are mostly made of rubber, paper, and chips and they are not completely functional.

Most of them also work only with smartphones and tablets, and the LG Rolly also does the same, but we are wondering if we could connect it to a laptop too. The size is small, but it should work.

When we saw the video, we understood that the LG Rolly actually works like rolling a map. It has 4 rows and they roll up into the case. But actually, the rows of keys stack up against one another.

“LG Rolly Keyboard is just one of the many premium input devices we’ll be unveiling in the coming months as we expand our accessories offerings.” – Seo Young-jae, Vice President of Innovative Personal Devices at LG Electronics said.

We are eager to have a look at the LG Rolly, which is expected to be unveiled at IFA 2015. Though the product looks cool and compatible for tablets, you can only work with it if you have a table, or a hard, levelled surface.

The LG Rolly is portable but is not functionally portable. It also connects to the devices using Bluetooth, and that is not surprising. There are a whole new bunch of products, all set to be released at the IFA 2015. We are waiting to  get our hands on them, but hey, let’s get our eyes on them first!