It is a delight to see the Aston Martin DB10 Bond Edition in action. Watch it once, and you will want to keep watching it again and again. We already posted about the special edition beast, but those were just the pictures.

Now, a video on YouTube revealing the Aston Martin DB10 Bond Edition has been released, and it is amazing. We are reminding you again, only 10 of these have been made. We really want one too, but sadly, they do not come for free.

In the video, the Aston Martin DB10 Bond Edition revs up, with the grille being focused at first. The sound of a helicopter resonates in the background. The revving increases, and there comes the beast, even more amazing in action than in the images. The power, the sound of that engine revving and the helicopter in the background is music to our ears, indeed.

A series of drifting and then a few burnouts reveal to ‘0’s. Then the Aston Martin DB10 Bond Edition rolls to a stop.  After that comes the long, powerful burnout in full swing and then you have the 3 letters ‘007’. That’s Aston Martin for you. And we will watch Spectre just for the sake of it!