Nintendo NX Patent Reveals Twists in the New Console

Nintendo NX could be the next console from the company. Nintendo was always tight lipped and we have got some awesome news for you! We took a look at the patent file for the NX and found that there was no slot for an optical drive.

In the pictures of the patent filed, we find only two slots for memory cards but not an optical drive. Could this mean Nintendo is going back to cartridge-based video game consoles? If they do go back how much memory space can these memory cards hold? These are burning questions that remain unanswered.

Another piece of evidence which might suggest that the Nintendo NX is returning to cartridges comes from its partner who is also a producer along with Nintendo in producing the NX. The Japanese company DeNA that is building the console along with Nintendo and their partnership focuses on a membership service that exceeds everything Nintendo has offered in the past.

Nintendo NX

An interesting feature we noticed is that the device contains an Internal HDD apart from the memory cards. Could this mean that the console relies purely on cloud downloads for it to work? When officials were questioned about the Nintendo NX, they remained tight-lipped and refused to comment.

We will get back with more on Nintendo NX as news develops.