FurniQi – Furniture That Can Charge Our Mobile Phones

In today’s fast-paced world of constant change and activity, mobile phones play a vital role. So, charging would be extremely serene when we have furniture that can charge our mobile phones. We can charge our mobile phones even during a small tea break or during a business meeting.

A London-based company, Fonesalesman has just unveiled a new wireless charging furniture called FurniQi. Fonesalesman has succeeded in blending the best of both technology and style in this product.

FurniQi - Furniture that can charge our smartphones 1

Since the idea of wireless charging furniture is not new, Fonesalesman has perfected that idea and made furniture that can charge our mobile phones, simple and elegant. The company has followed the footsteps of Ikea by integrating Qi wireless charging technology into its planned FurniQi furniture range. Qi is an interface standard for inductive electrical power transfer over distances of up to 4 cm (1.6 inches). The Qi system comprises mainly of a power transmission pad and a receiver.

Furniture that can charge our smartphones

FurniQi has a simple ring on the surface to indicate where the device should be placed for charging. The furniture is connected to the power source using a standard USB cable which is of the same color as wood and can be bonded to one of the legs.

“Marking our entry into the world of furniture, we have put a lot of thought into the table’s design and usability. The FurniQi side table is incredibly easy to assemble taking a mere 60 seconds from opening up the box to having a complete table ready to charge your device. This table brings wireless power naturally to your home, meaning charging your smartphone is now more convenient than ever.”- Bavan Palasanthiran, Founder of Fonesalesman.

Though the price of the FurniQi side table is unclear, it is expected to be launched in October through a crowdfunding campaign. Since the demand for a furniture that can charge our mobile phones can be really high, let’s hope that Fonesalesman doesn’t keep the price this product high.