Hi-Call Gloves – Gadget of the Week

In our Gadget of the Week section, we wrote about a number of game-changing handsets, ear-gear and even headgear, but never have we written about a dedicated Bluetooth accessory. Hence, we decided to write about Hi-call this time.

What is Hi-Call?

Hi-Call is the brainchild of Hi-Fun, it’s basically a Bluetooth accessory for your phone that looks and works like any normal gloves except that it can connect to your phone, receive calls and help you use the touch screen even with the gloves on.

Now this might not sound like groundbreaking tech, since most smartphones nowadays are equipped with super-sensitive touch screens that let you operate your device even you are wearing gloves (thanks to Nokia for starting this race with its Lumia line up).


But at the time when Hi-Call was announced, (2012 to be precise), there weren’t many smartphones capable of being operated from under the gloves and this became bothersome, since some in countries, it could get really cold and removing your gloves every time to operate your phone could even result in hypothermia.

How does Hi-Call work?

Hi-Call works on the basic principle that the conduction of charges to the capacitive touches results in the screen responding. Hi-Call has fitted its gloves with conducting material near the tips of the fingers along with a receiver on the left thumb and a microphone of the left pinky finger.

Hi-Call system

The gloves also feature two embroidered buttons, a green dot to accept the call and a red cross to reject it. There is also an LED light in between these two embroidered buttons to enhance visibility at night.

Hi-Call Colors

If the smartphone supports voice assistants like Siri, Google Now and/or Cortana (see what we did there?), Hi-Call can also activate these personal assistants and let you navigate your phone or call people through voice commands.

Our Verdict

At an asking price of 49.99 Euros for the wool version and 99.99 Euros for the leather version, Hi-Call does sound a little expensive than the other genetic Bluetooth gear. But then again, these act as gloves as well as let you use that telephone gesture (the one we make during face to face conversations to ask people to call us) to actually pick calls. It really does appear to be worth spending the extra bucks on this Bluetooth gear.