Canon’s 250 Megapixel Camera – Gadget of the Week

Canon's 250 megapixel camera has a processor so advanced that it can record footage in full 250mp at 5 frames per second.

The megapixel race is catching up heat in the industry and things are getting interesting as more and more companies have found ways to cram in more megapixels into their sensors. The megapixel war was only thought to have its predominant influence in the mobile industry, but a new product prototype from Canon showcases a revelation.

The imaging giant has blown the entire competition out if the water with its new entrant. Canon’s 250 megapixel camera is the first of its kind and has the most number of megapixels in a commercially available sensor. The sensor is based on Canon’s APS-H crop sensor instead of a full frame sensor, which is actually pretty bewildering.

Gigantic Resolution

Canon’s 250 megapixel camera will render output at a titanic resolution of 19,580 x 12,600 p. Canon claims that this monster camera can read the letters on the side of an aircraft from as distant as 18 km away. Don’t worry, we were left as speechless are you are right now.

A Technical Ingenuity

The specifics behind Canon’s 250 megapixel camera are equally fascinating. Quite frankly, we were left wondering about the amount of buffer and data transfer speeds required to carry out the activity of saving 250 MP images on a regular basis. The processing power required to decode, process and move the images to memory must be huge and the memory card required to write JPEG images with sizes north of 50mb should have to be blazing fast as well.

Canon's 250 megapixel camera Sensor

We are stunned that Canon didn’t just figure it all out, but was generous enough to share a sizeable chunk of information with us. This specific sensor from Canon has a signal read out speed of 1.25 billion pixels per second, these are data speeds of serious mind-blowing magnitude.

Forget 4K, Canon’s 250 Megapixel Camera Shoots in 250 MP at 5 fps

Canon’s 250 megapixel camera has a processor so advanced that it can record footage in full 250mp at 5 frames per second. Although the fps might seem measly by today’s standards, but getting data speeds of 5fps in such a gigantic resolution needs some serious technology.

Canon's 250 megapixel camera prototype
A prototype used to test the sensor

To put it in perspective, a Nikon D3200 with a 24 MP image sensor can only reach shutter speeds up to 4fps in its maximum resolution. The video footage from this thing could theoretically be 30 times sharper than 4K as if 4K videos weren’t sharp enough.

What about Image Noise?

Canon claims that its new 250 MP sensor is technologically advanced enough to produce lower noise, even in low lighting situations at high ISO. This claim can only be out to the test once actual images shot by the camera are out. But we wouldn’t be surprised if Canon includes an oversampling mode or a pixel binning mode similar to the one used in the Nokia Lumia 1020 since we know that the processor is more than capable and should handle oversampling with relative ease.

Our Verdict

We have so far provided verdicts for numerous gadgets but never have we felt so perplexed as we do now. To be honest, we are not sure if we are to be disheartened by the megapixel race or should we root for the fact that we can get stellar daylight performance and unbelievably sharp footages if the technology world keeps up its pace.

We are actually inclining towards the latter and are excited about the possibilities this sensor and megapixel count would bring along with it. Canon states that the sensor was developed for specialized surveillance and crime prevention purposes, but its applications can also extend to ultra-high resolution imaging and in medical and research areas like digital microscopy for observing micro-organisms.

There has been no information about its launch, pricing or availability so far. We’ll update this space as soon as more information is available.