Handy Windows Tools That Make a Difference – Part 1

While most of us reading this might be advanced computer users, we still have no idea about a few helpful tools that are hidden by default. We also fully depend on bulky and paid software when there are freebies to do the same work. Here is a list of few tools that can be used for the better operation of your Personal Computer. All the tools are completely free and free from ads too. These handy Windows tools are verified and bug-free.

1. VistaSwitcher (Alt-Tab Replacement)

Do you face frequent freezing of your screen? Do you find difficult switching between your work progress? Do you find the ‘End Task command not helpful at times?

VistaSwitcher 1

Try VistaSwitcher. It is a task management utility for Windows OS. Once installed it replaces your default Alt-Tab panel with new panel having more options. This software comes with many options such as preview snapshots, switch tasks, minimize-maximize tasks, restore the main window and close the process. On our testing, we found this to be working perfectly while the window freezes and we were able to terminate the application and switch between applications easily.

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