European Businessmen Not Happy With iOS 9 Update

“Luxury and Creative” were the terms used to spell out Apple’s products. But, it has encountered a drastic modification after the company lost Steve Jobs. The iOS 9 update, in specific, is causing a number of serious issues for the EU businessmen. Apple’s new mobile operating system, which was released earlier this month, has an uncompromising bug.

The iOS 9 update is prohibiting other iOS 9-powered devices to connect with the Card Reader Pro, a device that allows merchants to accept card payments from Apple and Android devices. This issue causes Bluetooth to be automatically switched off when attempted to pair with the other device.

Apple iOS 9 Update

Few other difficulties caused by the iOS 9 bug can be making the device slow and causing more crashes. The response of iZettle, a Swedish mobile payments company, to this issue couldn’t have been more polite.

What should I do now? Nothing. Do not update to iOS 9.0.

Moreover, the security of the device is heavily compromised after the discovery of XcodeGhost, a malware that polluted the App store. Though Apple claims that no personal information of the user is lost due to the security breach, Apple is unwilling to disclose the total number of apps affected and the number of users using the affected apps. Another major flaw in the iOS 9 update is a security hole that allows anyone to scroll through the user’s contacts and photos.

On any Apple device running iOS 9 protected using PIN type lock, enter an incorrect PIN four times. On the fifth try, enter just three numbers and hold down the home button to bring up Siri. This will grant access to the user’s personal messages.

The funniest thing now is that Zeropodium has announced one million US dollars ($1,000,000) for iOS9 exploits/jailbreak. Since 2014, Apple has been bad with security. As of now, the wise thing to do will be to wait for Apple to mature over a few updates and then update your devices.