Happy Birthday Google – 10 Facts About Google You Never Knew

Google uses goats to mow their lawns.

Google was founded in 1995 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin as a research project when they were doing their Ph.D in Stanford University. Today, Google celebrates its 17th birthday. Before we say Happy Birthday Google, here are 10 facts about Google you have never heard of.

Google’s Original Birthday

Google’s real birthday is on September 7th. This was actually celebrated as the company’s birthday till 2005. That year, when Google celebrated its 10th birthday, the company shifted the birthdate to 27th September because they wanted to show a record of the number of pages that were indexed on Google. This is the one of the 10 facts about Google you have never heard of. Google might not want you to read this too.

Every year, Google posts an amazing doodle on its birthday. This year, it is quite historic.

10 Facts About Google - Happy Birthday Google