PES 2016 Vs FIFA 2016 – An Unbiased Comparison

The battle is always on between PES and FIFA. It is similar to a great football rivalry like Messi or Ronaldo or Barca or Real Madrid. Both games have dedicated fans who buy every new iteration of the game each year. But what does PES 2016 bring this year that could possibly knock FIFA off its perch? Here is a head-on comparison.


Let’s face it. PES is not the AAA title that FIFA is. Konami’s PES has given FIFA a good run for its money in the past few years. One could even say it gave gamers a value for their money. The graphic engine for PES has surely stepped up from how it was last year.

PES 2016 does not have the 3D face scan feature of FIFA, but the artists that worked on the player faces have surely done a great job. The amount of detailing done on the players by Konami is remarkable and needs commendation. What it lacks, though, is the ambience that FIFA mastered last year. Barring from that, PES 2016 gets 3.5/5 for graphics.


The only selling point for PES 2016 is its gameplay. PES 2015 had perhaps the best midfield game and was close to mimicking the actual game that it is based on whereas in FIFA 15 the midfield was non-existent. Likewise, this year, they’ve retained the same midfield gameplay. Goalkeeper AI has certainly been improved, but by far, the implementation of skill moves in PES 2016 is what caught our eye.

PES 2016 gameplay

They aren’t for show and that if executed correctly they will help in a match and score the goal. The chief complaint of PES players last year was that the shooting was off and it felt weird. Well, Konami has fixed that which provides a more rounded off gaming experience. In terms of gameplay and matching realism, PES 2016 gets a 4.5/5.

Our Verdict

This year, PES knocks FIFA off its perch in terms of gameplay, but FIFA regains its ground in terms of ambience and overall feel of the game. PES 2016 certainly puts up a good fight with FIFA 2016 and like last year, gives it a run for its money.

But we cannot be always right. Let us know what you like – PES or FIFA?