Tesla Model X Explained – Falcon Wing Doors, Bioweapon Defense Mode and More

The Tesla Model X was revealed a few days back, and it was probably one of the most hyped cars of 2015. A proud Elon Musk revealed the first complete electric crossover in the world, amidst much admiration from the masses.

But even as the Tesla Model X is one of the most advanced cars that is ready for production, most motor journalists  and automobile enthusiasts wonder if Elon Must went a little beyond what was actually needed.


The Tesla Model X comes with the powerful P90D and 90D electric drive systems, which provides acceleration to all the  4 wheels. It comes with the ‘Ludicrous Speed’ more which will send you rocketing to 100kmph in a  3.8 seconds. The ones who were lucky enough to drive the Model X were amazed by this already. However, the off-roading capabilities of the Model X are quite limited, and it can be seen more as a luxury car.

The P90 D, which is more powerful, can offer a range of 250 miles, but the 90 D will offer 259 miles. Both will reach a top speed of 155 mph.


The Tesla Model X has been carefully engineered. It is quite compact and can make an excellent city car. The motors of the Model X are so small that the front of the car can be used as a boot. The batteries are fixed in the middle of the car, under the seats and this helps the Tesla Model X to maintain perfect balance when driven.

Tesla has also improved the viewing space in the Model X. The rear windows extend till the roof and meet in the middle on the top. This is done to reduce travel sickness while also allowing the passengers to enjoy the  view. The driver also gets a nice view, since the windshield is the largest panoramic windshield in production. In one word, the design of the Tesla Model X is simply futuristic.

Falcon Wing Doors

One of the main features of the Tesla Model X is the Falcon Wing Doors. This is appreciable as the doors swing upwards and not outwards. You can open the doors and walk out even after the car is parked, and if there are any obstacles nearby, the ultrasonic sensor will adjust the doors and open or block them accordingly.

Bioweapon Defense Mode

Musk believes that the future of warfare is bioweapons, which will release harmful microorganisms into the air. However, if you own a Tesla Model X, you have lesser chances of being attacked by a bioweapon. The HEPA air filter will block viruses, bacteria, and other harmful microorganisms from entering your car.

Our Verdict

After doing our research on the Tesla Model X, we admit that it has some great technology, but the question is whether it is really necessary. While the Model X caters to the wealthiest 1% of the world’s population, Elon Musk has still failed to create a Tesla Car that can cater to the common mind.

While electric cars are aimed to reduce pollution, it does not make sense when only 1% of the world’s people will be able to buy it. We hope and wish that an affordable Tesla will start selling soon.