Honda Neowing Trike is a Beast on Three Wheels

For motorcycle fans, the sound of the Honda Gold Wing engine is recognized all over the world.  It’s the sound of Tokyo! It’s the sound of bikers, and the sound of a company, renowned for doing things differently. The Japanese automaker’s latest creation, the Honda Neowing trike, seems to be a revolutionary product.

Honda has taken up a challenge to build a bike which is equal to almost three really masculine motorbikes. The Honda Neowing trike looks so untamed that it matches up a unique and trendy three-wheeled design layout with a flat-four hybrid drivetrain.

This is a motorcycle straight out of science fiction. It is a shape shifter that actually transforms from one machine to another. The manufacturers on the other part of the globe said that it would be impossible to build a superbike of this kind and it would never serve the intended purpose.

But the mega-factories of Honda prove to be a testimony to the fact that sometimes, it’s good to imagine beyond limits. The Honda Neowing trike has transcended the latest technology to create an outstanding status.

Honda Neowing Trike

Moving into the design aspects, the Honda Neowing trike has a pair of headlamps staring confidently at the streets. There are three suspensions and an engine system that can shape shift, to enable it tackle both off-road and on-road conditions. This bike can later transform again into a nimble city commuter.

So we call this, the ‘magnanimous’ Honda Neowing trike. The engine, which is the beating heart of the Honda Neowing trike is expected to have slightly larger cylinders than smaller ones like in other normal vehicles. The design department of Honda has given the Neowing perfect symmetric skeleton. It is wedded with a powerful engine along its assembly line.

It is wedded with a powerful engine along its assembly line. There is breakthrough piece of electronics that makes this bike suitable for all types of roads. The configuration of the engine is yet to be unwrapped.

Honda is expected to unleash the Neowing in Tokyo. The company is expected to highlight details of their plans for the wild-looking concept.