Microsoft Lumia 950 XL – Everything You Need to Know

Microsoft has been dormant for a long time now and has refrained itself from competing in the flagship category. The only two devices that were taking the fight were the Lumia 1520 and the Lumia 930, both of which had already started showing some serious signs of aging as one would expect from 2 years old flagships.

But all that is about to change, Microsoft has just announced the Lumia 950 and the Lumia 950 XL. Both these smartphones offer top-of-the-line specifications and some unique features that is bound to make heads turn. The highlight feature would be the liquid cooling system fitted on the Lumia 950 XL, but here’s everything you need to know about the Microsoft Lumia 950 XL.

Specifications – As Hot as it Gets

The Microsoft Lumia 950 XL is a phablet sized device that comes with a huge 5.7-inch display that is rocking a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels. The Lumia 950 and the Lumia 950 XL are among the first two Microsoft devices to receive the 2K treatment, the 950 XL has a pixel density of 515 ppi. Under the hood is a 64-bit octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor that’s coupled with 3GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage which can be expanded through the provided microSD card slot.

Microsoft Lumia 950 XL 1The battery has a capacity of 3300 mAh which should be enough to power the device through a day with nominal usage. The Microsoft Lumia 950 XL will also feature a USB Type-C slot for better connectivity, the software giant also states that the device can be charged from zero to 50 percentage in 30 minutes.

Windows Hello and Continuum: Playing it Liquid Cool

The Microsoft Lumia 950 XL will include support for Windows Hello which will let users log into their Windows 10 device with just their face, its basically similar to Android’s face detection from years earlier. But Microsoft has also thrown in an Iris scanner that is capable of recognizing the eye’s distinct features, courtesy of the dedicated Intel processor that’s embedded within. Together, with the Iris scanning, the accuracy and reliability of Windows Hello should be on par with fingerprint recognition used by other key players.

Microsoft Lumia 950 XL 2

The Lumia 950 XL will also feature Microsoft Windows 10 Continuum which can be used to plug the device to a larger monitor, keyboard and mouse with the use of a dedicated display dock from Microsoft. With Microsoft Continuum we are getting closer to realizing our “One device” dream.

The Lumia 950 XL also features tablet grade liquid cooling, although specifics about how this liquid cooling works is not revealed yet and our guess is that it will probably be housing a coolant oil which will be passively cooled.

The 20 Megapixel Camera: Pure Enough

The Lumia 950 XL is also fitted with a 20 megapixel rear camera, which we assume is built on a 1/2.5 inch sensor, that features an aperture of F/1.9 for enhanced low light capability (and to keep up with the competition). The handset also features the obvious 4K functionality and 5th gen Optics which include the Optical Image Stabilization unit (Hopefully, it is as good as the 3-axis one on the Lumia 1020).

Microsoft Lumia 950 XL 3

The rear camera is accompanied by a triple LED flash setup which to ensure well-lit images even in sparse lighting conditions.The front camera is a more conventional selfie-friendly 5-megapixel shooter which should be great for video conferencing.

More Apps to Come

Microsoft is going universal with the app store in its Windows 10, which means that the apps will most likely work across a range of devices as long as the hardware has enough horsepower to pull it. This strategy combined with Microsoft’s new Visual Studio feature of converting other platform apps to Windows, the app store should soon see a steady rise in the application count.

Microsoft Lumia 950 XL 4

Cost and Availability

Microsoft Lumia 950 XL has been confirmed by the O2 network in UK to be available in the coming months. The Lumia 950 XL will cost around $649 in the US while the pricing in other regions is yet to be confirmed.