Star Wars Battlefront Open Beta Launched

The Star Wars Battlefront Open Beta went live on Origin for online purchase on October 8th. The title has created such a buzz in the gaming universe with its gameplay trailers showcasing various modes and awesome in-game graphics, capturing the worlds of Hoth and Tatooine in splendid detail. Have they paid off? Is it as showcased in E3?

The only mode available in the Star Wars Battlefront Open Beta was the survival mode which was showcased at E3 2015. The survival mode is basically a rescue mission where you are dropped into a live battlefield and have to fend off from waves of attack by the Imperial forces. It was real fun playing the Survival mode and exploring the game. The game mode has a simple objective: Survive and don’t die.

The graphics in the Star Wars Battlefront Open Beta certainly live up to the standard shown in the videos and the gameplay is rather fun. The storm troopers and the rebel alliance are captured brilliantly. The gameplay is also  fluidic and runs seamlessly.

There are two variants to the survival mode. One is a single player and the other is multiplayer, where up to 6 origin friends can join and play together as a team. The Star Wars Battlefront Open Beta is certainly promising and a lot is expected of the final game.

Access has been granted to all players on the EA Origin online store, so download the beta and see for yourself how SW Battlefront plays out. The full game will come out on the 17th of November of this year. We will come with more stuff on SW Battlefront as it develops.