This Far Cry Primal Trailer Is Pure Awesomeness!

Last week, Ubisoft released the Far Cry Primal Trailer and the internet is going nuts.Looks like we are going back in time, to a time where our ancient forefathers had to hunt mammoths for food and skin and fend off from Sabertooth Tigers. It was a simple time then no money, no jobs and the only mission was surviving in the early years of mankind (i.e) the Neanderthal Age.

The Far Cry Primal Trailer is certainly packed with amazing visuals. The game is set in the time when Pangea was probably formed and huge behemoths like the mammoth and Sabertooth tiger roamed and ruled the lands. Obviously, English was not spoken back then. Ubisoft seems to have created a new language that is like the Dothraki language from Game of Thrones.

The Far Cry Primal trailer reveals the amount of detailing in the fur of the mammoth, and it is out of this world. It should be really interesting to see how the storyline of Primal progresses. The last scene from the trailer indicated fending off from other tribes and rivals as if animals weren’t enough.

Far Cry 4 was praised for its amazing graphic engine and stellar gameplay. Likewise, this version seems to have retained the same engine or an at least an engine better than the one used in Far Cry 4.  

The concept of killing animals and using them for various purposes has already been used for several games like in Ubisoft’s own Assassins Creed III and IV but none where it seems more important than Far Cry Primal. The game hits the shelves in February of next year.