ZTE Nubia X8 Features Resistive Volume Controls

ZTE has recently been very busy getting its Nubia devices up to steam with the current market scenario and the Nubia Z9 leading the way so far. The company has just teased a couple of images of its own ZTE Nubia X8 in Weibo, which is China’s own social platform.

This time, ZTE attempts to stand out from the crowd by offering a unique experience in the form of resistive volume controls or at least, that is what we infer. The basic idea is that hardware buttons are too mainstream and it would be unique to carve resistive touch buttons on the sides of a smartphone slab. 

It is not the most practical approach considering that it can be highly prone to accidental touches, but we prefer to reserve our judgements at least till the device is actually launched. The images of the ZTE Nubia X8 also display a power button placed the under edges which may or may not be a hardware button.

ZTE Nubia X8 leak 1

Along with the images, ZTE has also snuck in a promotional poster which specifies the date ‘October 15th’. This date could very be the device’s launch date and we’ll soon know what it is about.

The ZTE Nubia X8 is expected to feature a ginormous 6-inch QHD screen backed by 4 GB of RAM and a recent flagship-grade processor, preferably the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810. It is also expected to feature a fingerprint sensor in the rear, much like the Huawei Honor 7.

It actually appears like the Nubia X8 is ZTE’s version of the LG V10 which featured a unique second screen on top just to justify the word unique. We really wish that ZTE does something intuitive with those controls instead of just making it as a mere attempt to stand out from the crowd.