Here’s What Tesla’s Autopilot System Looks Like

How about sitting in a car that drives by itself? That is what Tesla’s Autopilot System really is. Though the company had been teasing this feature for quite a while, it was sent to many customers as a software. Yes, Elon Musk did that in style again.

Tesla’s Autopilot System is not an ordinary cruise control system or a boring system that makes you travel at 20 mph. This autopilot can detect the speed and position of the cars around you, and optimize accordingly. The system is advanced enough to steer within lanes, pass cars and even change lanes, as you can see in the video.

A few people are experiencing Tesla’s Autopilot System right now and the company says that it is good enough to be used commercially. According to the company’s press release, Tesla’s Autopilot System is similar to airplanes’ autopilot system, where the pilot overrides when necessary. Likewise, if the driver wants to override the controls, he can do that anytime.

Tesla has also indirectly warned that drivers must not completely rely on the autopilot system and that they should be ready to take control of the car in dangerous situations. This is because they believe that the world is not yet ready to experience the autopilot system yet, because most cars on the road are not autonomous and do not interact with other cars.