The Steam Machine Is Here, Gamers Rejoice!

Valve has rocked the world of gaming with amazing titles like the Half-Life franchise which is still waiting for a 3rd installment, by the way. The other greatest thing that Valve has given to the gaming community is Steam, which is by far, the largest gaming platform for PC gamers with over 78 million active users. Steam was working on an operating system on their own called Steam OS, which is available in your normal Steam app on your desktop.

The one market that Valve has not entered is gaming hardware. Worry no more, cause Valve has created the Steam machine. Right now, Alienware has made a version of the Steam Machine which packs a punch. The Steam Machine comes packed with an i7 processor, 8 gigs of ram and a custom-built Nvidia Geforce GTX graphic card and it also has its own custom controller.


The controller is a hybrid between the Xbox and the PS4 controller. It contains your conventional ABXY buttons, two bumper buttons, a left thumbstick and two touch sensitive thumbsticks. The controller connects to the Steam Machine via USB. Like the Xbox and the PS4, the Steam Machine uses the controller as an interface.

Perhaps the best selling point for the Steam Machine and the controller is the completely configurable buttons for games. The gamer can individually choose a button configuration that suits him. Another bonus is the ability to upload your configurations to the game so that others can use it too.

This feature is super cool and it could be a gamer favorite. Using the controller as a keyboard is seamlessly integrated as well. This is really easy and typing out texts to Steam friends is really easy using the controller.

The Steam Machine promises a lot of new avenues for gamers. The Steam machine goes on sale on November 10th. In-depth analysis and reviews of the Steam Machine will be done then.