Fallout 4 Ropes in a Lot of Expectations

Fallout 4 has been one of the most awaited games in 2015. News first came up during E3 2015 that Bethesda Studios was making a fourth installment to their hit franchise. When it was announced that the game will hit the shelves as early as November 2015, fans were even more excited. Bethesda has produced a lot of merchandise for Fallout 4 and the fans have been eating up everything that has been thrown at them.

The market for Fallout 4 is already brimming at an alarming rate, which means more moolah in the kitty for Bethesda Studios. Fallout 4 has everything a man playing Fallout 3 would wanted.

Fallout 4

Fallout 4 Pip-Boy Edition

The Fallout 4 special Pip-Boy edition basically brings the gadget to  real life. It has a slot for an iPhone where the owner can download a special app which will connect to the game and the Pip-Boy on your wrist would act as the in-game pip boy. The player can update his stats and do everything in the real world and it will have awesome effects in the game. This is indeed a great move from Bethesda.

Other Goodies

Next is the custom Lego made for Fallout 4. It is hand painted and hand molded and is scratch resistant but the sad thing is it won’t be available for commercial sale. Other items include a vault watch, customized Xbox controller and shockingly, Fallout 4 branded beer.

While playing Fallout 4, if you find the need to drink some fine ale, Fallout has you covered with its own brand of beer. For those of you who cannot afford to buy all these add-ons, you can just get the game on Nov 10 when it releases across all platforms.