A Nokia Smartwatch Could Be Launched Soon

Yes, a Nokia smartwatch is probably in the making. After an entry into the VR market, Nokia made it clear that it is trying its luck in wearables. A Nokia smartwatch code named Moonraker is on its way to international markets and Nokia fans are already going crazy.

Before the Microsoft-Nokia deal, the Finnish tech giant was working on a smartwatch project called Moonraker. Now, Nokia might finish what it began earlier. Nokia has amended its Articles of Association with Microsoft to include “mobile devices, consumer wearables and other electronics”.

Nokia smartwatch 1

Since the license for Moonraker is held by Microsoft, Nokia has to launch a new model. Some rumors suggest that Nokia was working on wearable tech based on the company’s Kinect and Morph research even after shutdown. Hence, Nokia might have already manufactured a consumer ready product which may be released in 2016.

Nokia smartwatch 2

Nokia recently acquired Alcatel-Lucent and has been reportedly developing an Android-powered smartphone to be released next year. The Nokia smartwatch can come with it as a paired device. Some reports say that the wearable could also be a fitness band and that Nokia could use bio metric technology too.

Since there are many die-hard Nokia fans, we could expect a big welcome if Nokia comes with quality products at affordable price tags. More details about the Nokia smartwatch are yet to surface, and we will get back with them soon.