Nintendo Mobile Gaming Platform Will Be Released in 2016

Perhaps the only market Nintendo still has not entered was the mobile gaming sector. Plans were earlier made this year for the Nintendo mobile gaming platform to be functional in 2015, but it looks like it has been delayed till March 2016.

In an investors meeting held at Tokyo, Nintendo’s new head Tatsumi Kimishima confirmed that the project has been postponed to next year. The first game will be free and have in-app purchases, but the other apps produced by the company will be paid, however.

The first app to be launched by Nintendo will be called as Miitomo. It basically uses Nintendo’s Mii characters for communication with other players. Miitomo will act as a communication over a “safe and secure platform” between users of the app.

Nintendo mobile

Nintendo hopes that using that app, users who are hesitant to communicate with other gamers publicly can communicate with ease. Earlier this year, Nintendo announced its partnership with DeNA games for producing games across the mobile platform. An added point is that DeNA is co-producing the next Nintendo console, the Nintendo NX. Once Nintendo completes its entry into the mobile gaming platform, it hopes to create seamless communication across its various platforms and devices.

Nintendo hopes to achieve seamless integration by the usage of its new service called the Nintendo account. The Nintendo account will be available across all platforms and help in communicating in between platforms. Nintendo pulled its shutters on the Rewards scheme it had sometime back.

Kimishima also added that Nintendo is looking for a cloud-based service to store all the data and help in communicating. He also added that the software is ready for its launch but required some tweaks, and hence it has been postponed.