Flipkart to Increase its Delivery Speed

Faced longer delivery from Flipkart? No more worries, because the problem will be resolved soon. Flipkart has confirmed it plans to invest $3-4 billion which counts to about 20-26 crores for establishing a stronger logistics chain.

For long, Flipkart had discussions on improving its delivery and logistics, but now it has made it official. Around $500 million will be invested in setting up 80-100 fulfillment centers across Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities. Flipkart already has fulfillment centers in metros and other major cities.

Flipkart’s Chief Operating Officer, Binny Bansal said, “Flipkart is investing in fortifying logistical abilities by leveraging capabilities such as automation and many innovative devices. Flipkart aims to reduce the time taken to fulfill an order to a maximum of two days”

With this, Flipkart has opened a fulfillment center in Telangana which is 2.2 lakh sq ft and holds a storage capacity of 5.89 lakh cubic ft. Flipkart has also released news that it would soon open exclusive showrooms in major cities to showcase its exclusive smartphones.


This step was taken in response to customer views asking a physical experience with the phone before placing an order. This will help customers to see, handle, absorb the phone in detail before buying it.

Amazon has also planned to invest heavily in Indian e-commerce. Also, a recent survey report shows Amazon.in visitors closing to Flipkart numbers. One reason might be because of Amazon’s Easy Return Policy, which assures hassle-free returns, the same cannot be seen from Flipkart, it’s a long tedious process to get back the money if you are no longer interested in the product.

A recent study suggests that e-commerce industry in India is expected to touch $60-70 billion by 2019 from $17 billion in 2014.