Yamaha Motobot Is a Robot That Rides Motorcycles

Yamaha, which has been hiding in the dark for quite some time, has just teased a revolutionary product. We are not quite sure about the purpose of the Yamaha Motobot, but for one thing, it looks kind of cool.

The Yamaha Motobot can shift gears, accelerate and brake. However, the bike still uses training wheels, just in case the robot loses balance. Though the Motobot cannot ride like a real rider, we could say that it is quite impressive for a robot.

Speaking of practicality, the Yamaha Motobot is not ready for the streets yet. The video released by the manufacturer shows the Motobot being tested in a secluded area. However, Yamaha thinks that the Motobot will make it safer for motorcycles in the future (Don’t ask us how).

Still in its initial stages, the Yamaha Motobot indeed needs a lot of development, and the company is working on it. But for now, the fact that there is a robot which can balance, ride and control a motorcycle using the clutch and gears is quite fascinating. We hope to see the Yamaha Motobot in complete action without the training wheels quite soon.