Next Pod Could Be the Future of Transportation

With the advent of self-driving electric cars and personalized transport into place, the question of What Next prevails among many tech enthusiasts. The Next Pod, designed by Tommaso Gecchelin, an Italian designer, is probably one of the best future transport concepts we have ever come across.

The Next Pod is completely versatile, and it combines personal and public transport. The pods can attach and detach themselves to any other pod nearby, and even exchange batteries. Well, as of now, the Next Pod is just a concept, and it might take 15 to 30 years for something like this to come into practice.

Public and Personal Transportation

According to Wired, the Next Pod is a “cross between Uber and the City Bus”. If you are wondering how this works, this is how it is explained. Each pod can be used by an individual to go to work. If there are a number of people who follow the same route, the pods can combine together in a train-like formation. Thus, personal transport is now converted to public transport.

Comfort and Privacy

Even while being attached to another pod, the passengers can choose to interact with others or prefer to stay alone, undisturbed. Around 6 people can be accommodated in one pod, and that is not bad at all.


The Next Pod can not only be used for transportation, but it can also be used for a variety of other purposes, like a mobile ATM, mobile courier service, or even a mobile Starbucks. That is how important the Next Pod actually is.

Smartphone App

The Next Pod will also have connectivity with a smartphone app, so that you can share your location, summon a pod, or track your deliveries. Most future products are supposed to have a smartphone app, and the Next Pod is no different.

Practical Problems

Though the Next Pod might sound like a really cool idea, there are quite a few practical problems. It cannot be implemented in the current scenario since most of the traffic is manually controlled. For the Next Pod to come into place, we might be needing a greater level of automation on the roads, and that might take more than a decade. But if it is a success, the Next Pod will definitely become the future of transportation.