World’s First Wireless Bungee Jump

A group of scientists and engineers wanted to combine one of the world’s most sought after adventure sports and wireless technology. This resulted in the idea of making the world’s first wireless bungee jump happen in real life.

For this, the scientists used a simple technology, which was based on magnetism. The bungee jumper would jump into an artificially generated magnetic field, which would keep him suspended in the air. The experiment was performed by Ikea, a pioneer in wireless technology, to demonstrate the possibility of the world’s first wireless bungee jump.

With the advance in time, most of technology we are using has become wireless. Wireless phones, wireless keyboards, wireless mouse, wireless internet, and even wireless TV. With all this in place, there is the need to go wireless even more. One of those needs, at the moment, is to transfer power wirelessly.

While a normal bungee jump itself involves some life risk, a wireless bungee could be a threat to anyone’s life. But for this experiment, one brave man volunteered, and he was ready to give up his life as well. As he runs to take the jump, did he survive it or not? You should watch the video to know.