Shutdown of Beats Music on Nov 30

Ever since Apple launched its own streaming service, Apple Music, the shutdown of Beats Music was imminent.  Beats music will be shut down on the 30th of this month. The company has confirmed this officially.

Apple acquired Beats Music in June 2014 for $3bn, which by far is the most expensive in Apple’s history. Since the users are provided with only 2 weeks before the shutdown of Beats Music, Apple is emailing the remaining subscribers to start using Apple music.

Users are given with a prompt stating the shutdown of Beats music upon opening the app in iOS. Next by tapping on Get Started and providing the appropriate details, the user’s music can be migrated to Apple Music under the features option.

Beats Music 2

Moreover, Apple music is available in Google play store also and soon in Sonos also. Apple Music currently has 6.5 million paying subscribers a little more than 4 months after its launch. That’s good enough for second place behind Spotify’s 20 million paying customers, and that’s with being available to less than half of the available audience.

All the subscriptions will be cancelled after the shutdown of Beats Music. So, users are advised to migrate to Apple Music at the earliest possible.