You Can Now Play PS2 Games on Your PS4

After many speculations, Sony has finally confirmed that it is working on an emulator to make PS2 games compatible on PS4. This was one of the most sought after features for PS4 users, and there were rumors that Sony could make it possible for both PS1 and PS2 games to work on PS4 consoles.

It was confirmed by Wired after a representative from the company emailed them. Sony just mentioned that it was working on the emulation software that will allow PS4 users to play PS2 games. There was no news about the PS1, and Sony also said that it would not comment further.

PS4 and PS2

This is known as Backwards Compatibility in general, and Microsoft enabled the feature in its Xbox 360 as well. When it comes to consoles, the Xbox is PlayStation’s worst competitor and it is clear that Sony does not want to take any chances.

The idea of allowing PS4 users to play PS2 games will appeal to users who love old games. This means you can play games like NFS Underground and all other classics that were your childhood favorites. It wound indeed mean a lot for the 90’s generations.

We hope that Sony begins to implement this at least in early 2016, but there are no reports about that yet.